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Preptrack helps you to plan and manage PrEP with confidence. Available now on iOS and Android.

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Just like sex, PrEP is personal to you.

Whether you use PrEP every day or only when you need it, Preptrack can help you to make plans and take care of your sexual health with confidence. Use the app to keep track of your PrEP use and it’ll let you know when you’re protected and when your next dose is due.

What is event-based PrEP?

Event-based (a.k.a. on-demand) dosing means you only take PrEP when you know, or have a pretty good feeling, that you are going to have sex. Taking PrEP in this way is only recommended for some people but can be a helpful way to get protection if you don’t want to take PrEP every day.

What is daily PrEP?

With daily PrEP, you just take one pill every day to give you ongoing protection. It’s suitable for most people and is useful if you have sex more regularly. It’s important to take PrEP consistently to make sure you stay protected.

Is it safe to give Preptrack my data?

As you can probably tell, safety is kind of our thing. Whatever you tell us is kept confidential and secure. All great things require consent, and that applies to what we do with your data too.

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