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Could you introduce yourself and say a little about your background?

Hello, I am Anthony (He/Him) and I am one of the researchers here at Preptrack, and I’m currently studying for a PhD on PrEP and sexual health. Before stepping back into the world of academia, I used to be a professional dancer. My career took me around the world, performing in a variety of shows such as ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Hairspray’, and even as a backing dancer for a Michael Jackson tribute act in Las Vegas! Even now, I still love to travel and take holidays. When I am at home though I like to keep fit with running and CrossFit, play video games (I am a huge Zelda fan) and hang out with my Cats (Maslow, Indie, and Bishop). I am currently training for my first marathon… I will let you know how it goes!

What do you do for work and what skills are you bringing to Preptrack?

I am currently doing my PhD in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. I am fascinated by human behaviour, especially with regards to protective health behaviours (such as PrEP). I look at a variety of topics such as vaccine hesitancy, medical education and of course the psychology around PrEP usage. When I am not working on my thesis, I can be found teaching psychology to undergraduates (or napping).

My work at Preptrack looks to combine my interests and research skills to provide insights on PrEP use and help to ensure that Preptrack helps and supports people to manage their HIV protection. It’s really important to me that research can have a direct impact on helping people to understand, access and use PrEP appropriately - as such I’m excited to work with the team to get the research ‘out there’ into the real world!

When did you first hear about Preptrack and why did you decide to get involved?

I first downloaded the app at the start of my PhD in 2021 and doing my research (pardon the pun), I instantly knew I had to reach out and see how I could be a part of the team. I joined because I believe so strongly in the vision of Preptrack and I want to help play a part in improving it for PrEP users worldwide. The app has been an integral part of my own PrEP use and I want to ensure that everyone who can, will benefit from the app as well.