Hanitra - Systems Engineer

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Could you introduce yourself and say a little about your background?

Heya, I am Hanitra (She/Her). I am French and Malagasy based in London and I am looking to have a positive impact in the tech industry especially helping marginalised communities to get better and easier access to healthcare. I have a background in Engineering and Computer Science but decided not to pursue a tech career after my graduation – largely because tech felt like such a male-dominated industry. I worked for few years as a maintenance/project/diagnostic engineer in different industrial companies. But I continued to code during my free time and I began to dream about becoming a Full Stack Engineer. Thanks to Code First Girl support, I am now an Associate Full Stack Engineer and I want to help by giving back to others. That’s why I have also begun teaching web development to women and non-binary people which I really enjoy. But I’m still enthusiastic to do more. During my free time, I tend to juggle between choir rehearsals/performances, self-defence classes, netball, video games and watching lots of movies/shows.

What do you do for work and what skills are you bringing to Preptrack?

As an Associate Full Stack Engineer for an insurance company, I am bringing my front-end development, agile and scrum experiences, as well as my skills as a freelance web development instructor. With a committed and curious attitude, I am a fast-learner and adapt quickly to new environments (I have previously worked in ???treatment sand???, aerospace and automotive industries).

When did you first hear about Preptrack and why did you decide to get involved?

I heard about Preptrack in 2022 at a Silicon Milkroundabout event. Healthtech is a very promising and exciting field to work in with a lot of growth opportunities. There is so much in this space which can be improved through the use of tech, especially for marginalised communities to make healthcare easier and accessible. I am very excited and grateful to be able to support this change thanks to Preptrack.